We are always looking for and once nice, open-minded, well-kept girls from 21 to? J., who would like to combine the pleasant with the useful.

A pleasant working atmosphere in a friendly team, without stress, run by women waiting for you, as well, where are good earning potential, as well as a stay in well-kept and sophisticated premises.

Separate living facilities, WLAN, TV are available.

Welcome are also women from abroad, if valid working papers are available (EU health insurance).

Newcomers are gently introduced to her new job. A comprehensive consulting and care around the health and legal aspects of this job are naturally so.

We are looking for basically only ladies who want to work voluntarily and without pressure from us on their own.

Advertisement for you is a matter of course.

If you can imagine to work with us, but call us under: 01520-95 35 240 or send an e-mail for a first contact.

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