The services of the girls is unique and very versatile, allowing nothing to be desired.

Your exact idea of ​​the design time is to discuss personally with each girl of your choice on top, but we give here small requirements for orientation.

Special requests, such as active and passive anal intercourse, Pee & Watersports, bathing service and Others are best discussed on site.

The times refer of course to the pure "net time" you spend with our girls in the room.

Service Girls Beverage Bar
Beer € 5
Alk-beverages (including beer) € 5
Whiskey € 8
30 minutes. Intercourse (safe) or double (safe) € 60 Piccolo € 20
45 minutes. Intercourse (safe) & double pure € 90 ½ bottle of champagne € 50
60 minutes. Intercourse (safe) & double pure € 120 Champagne bottle € 100
Champagne € 150

Other services such as accommodation, House & Hotelbeuch, truck & auto fail on request.

* The above prices and services are recommended minimum prices, please make your wishes individually with the lady of your choice. The agreement on the benefits of the ladies and the appropriate prices, and their payment is directly only with the ladies, in their name and for their account.

* More fun and erotic pleasure need individual consultation with the love angel of your choice and the mutual agreement. Not every Sexy Girl tells all your preferences and inclinations. The ladies of our house have sex - anal sex and exclusively with a condom on. If you feel the desire to take these sexual practices without condom claim, we invite you to consult the relevant known this establishment.

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